If you had a recent flood or a strong gust of wind uprooted a tree there are ways for you to use the wood in that tree. That isn’t the only instance where you can get a tree. If you have a dying tree that you cannot save you can get a tree removal Santa Clarita and request for it to be turned into something.

There are a number of projects that you can do when it comes to making sure that your project would be something to look forward into. Wood working is a great project to start in but you should remember that safety should come first. So, get your protective gear and you’ll see what you can do for the project.

Tree Removal Santa Clarita

Here are some project suggestions for you to do and try to make with the wood that you get from an uprooted tree.


There is a quiet beauty in making a tree into a recycled planter. You can put in some grooves to put in some soil in and add your flower or succulent. You can use air plants if you like, those things are beautiful to have and it adds a punchy color in the otherwise dead wood.


You can do so much if you have a slab of wood to play with. You can put this in your yard with treatments of course to protect it against pests and the weather condition. You can make it into a table, a bench or some decoration that you can put in your yard. It is something that would look fabulous in the space that you have so, that should be something to work out on.


Woods that have no more use can be designed and recycled into candle holders. It is a pretty cute as well as lovely candle holder that you can get away with. So, if you like to candles and want to add a rustic charm in the house, this may be a way for you to do that. You can add height to votive candles and even protection from fires.


You can make floating shelves or cabinets if you have any materials from the wood that you have. It can be pretty really and it is something that would work awesome about the whole thing. You should have that as well as you can and if you like books so much this could be something that you can be in love with.


You can recycle your tree stump into a birdbath. If you like to add life and movement in your yard putting in a birdbath can be the perfect look you are looking for. They are amazing in a way and it would really help if you can do better about things in the home. It should be something that would totally turn awesome than for you as birds can be many and fun to watch.